MHG Weather

Managed by Liam Cheetham, Peter Kipp, and Uku Andreas Reigo

About the station

Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station:
The weather station

This weather station, bought by our school Miina Härma Gümnaasium has a few built-in sensors. The data collected by some of these is presented on the right. All collected data since December 2021 has been archived, and may be accessed on demand, see About and Archives sections.


This weather station was bought as part of the Klass+ project that our school participated in. It's being used to show running weather data, and to preserve this data for potential later analysis.

All of the system that takes data from the weather station to be processed, stored and presented in this page was written by the authors, with Liam focusing on the design and looks of the webpage, Peter creating the database architecture and Uku writing functional code for data transfer and the webpage. This project was also presented as the CAS project needed by the IBDP curriculum.

For any questions, feedback or other requests, feel free to contact any of the authors.

We present our thanks to Jüri Raudmaa, who was always ready to advise or help during the many months of development.