Starting September 1st, 2017 the school lunch at Miina Härma Gümnaasium is provided by P. Dussmann Eesti OÜ

It is possible to pay or register for school lunch through ARNO, which is an online system for education services.

More specific instructions on how to pay or register for the school lunch are located here.

If you do not have an Estonian bank account and/or Estonian personal ID code, you cannot pay for the lunch through ARNO. In this case please make a direct bank transfer to the bank account of Tartu City Government.

The payment details are as following:
Recipient: Tartu linnavalitsus
IBAN: (SEB) EE621010102000178008 or (Swedbank) EE612200221021566030
Explanation: child’s full name, Estonian ID code (if exists) or date of birth, name of the school, the grade number
Reference number (in a separate field): 77056762000008

The preferred lunch packets need to be chosen at the beginning of each school year (also if the lunch is free of charge). In case you are not able to choose the lunch packet through ARNO then please contact your programme coordinator.

In order to see the menu (in Estonian) please click on the preferred lunch packet.

Available lunch packets at MHG:

Lunch packet and menuPricePaid by parentsSubsidized
Regular (grades 1–4)1,250,001,25
Regular (grades 5–9)1,500,451,05
XL (Large meal) (grades 5–9)2,000,951,05
Vegetarian (grades 5–9)1,500,451,05
Regular (grades 10–12)1,700,701,00
XL (Large meal) (grades 10–12)2,001,001,00
Vegetarian (grades 10–12)1,700,701,00
Morning porridge0,700,700,00

Morning porridge is served between 8.30 and 10.00 in the canteen.
MHG school canteen
Phone: 56945140

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