KiVa Anti-Bullying Program

KiVa anti-bullying program has been implemented at Miina Härma Gümnaasium since 2013.

KiVa is a school-based bullying-reduction programme commissioned by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and developed by researchers at the University of Turku. It is already used in more than 20 countries around the world.

KiVa program:

  • helps children learn to recognise bullying and respond appropriately to incidents of bullying;
  • includes activities and guidelines for both preventing and dealing with bullying;
  • is one of the most systematic in the world, with a wide range of practical activities and materials, including online learning;
  • Involves the whole school family – school staff, pupils and parents;
  • It is not a one-year project but a permanent part of the school’s anti-bullying work.

The implementation of KiVa in our school means that bullying is neither tolerated nor accepted in our school. We all work together to prevent bullying and to deal with incidents effectively.

To do this, we …

  • Run KiVa lessons in grades 1-9 comprising of twice-monthly meetings where we discuss the topic of bullying, the principles of anti-bullying and values education in general;
  • Investigate and resolve incidents of bullying with a KiVa team of teachers and professionals who have received specific training;
  • Invite parents to think about prevention and to collaborate in a spirit of trust in resolving cases.

We invite all parents to read the mini-booklet for parents to learn more about the programme and how to prevent bullying:
KiVa parent’s guide in English.
KiVa parent’s guide in Russian.
KiVa parent’s guide in Estonian.

If you suspect bullying, please be sure to let your homeroom teacher or the KiVa team know! or

The members of our school’s KiVa team are:
Gerli Puis – (KiVa team leader, social pedagogue, human studies teacher)
Lilia Ilves – (music teacher, 6b homeroom teacher, conductor)
Kari Kalk – (5a homeroom teacher, history and IAS teacher)
Kristel Anier – (3-4e homeroom teacher, primary school teacher)

Read more about the KiVa anti-bullying programme and the activities of the SA Kiusamisvaba Kool:

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