School Support Services

The school support team is there to support students, parents and teachers. We aim to prevent and resolve behavioural and learning difficulties. Together with the student’s family and teachers, we will find a way to support every student according to their needs.

Students, parents and teachers can contact the support team for advice on many different topics. You are also welcome to share your good ideas with us!

Social worker (Grades 7-12) and career coordinator Regita Saksing

You can contact the social worker if:

  • you are worried about your thoughts, feelings or health;
  • you feel anxious, stressed or your mood has lowered;
  • you have problems with your studies;
  • you have trouble finding motivation;
  • you have trouble adjusting and/or finding friends;
  • you are worried about a friend or someone else close to you.

Regita is a certified career counsellor and supports students in planning their futures by helping them analyse themselves, education possibilities and the job market, set goals and plan the activities to achieve them. She coordinates career-related activities at MHG.

Counselling for the development of social skills, supporting students’ mental health, and making career plans takes place both individually and in groups.

Phone: +372 736 1924; +372 521 9119

Social worker (Grades 1-6) and special education coordinator Eleriin Käo-Zirk

The activities of the social worker include:

  • supporting students’ mental health;
  • developing the KiVa anti-bullying programme in grades 1-6;
  • teaching social skills both individually and in groups;
  • supporting students with special educational needs and coordinating individual study plans.

Phone: +372 5883 9030

School psychologist Maili Tirel

You are welcome to contact the school psychologist for advice on the following topics:

  • anxiety, changes in mood, and other mental health issues;
  • self-esteem;
  • motivation and study habits;
  • stress-, time-, or self-management;
  • loneliness.

Maili also supports gifted learners, and coordinates their individual study plans.

Phone: +372 736 1924

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