Goals for the School Year

The goals for the school year 2019/2020

1. All learning and teaching is based on the school philosophy

  1. Mutual values are agreed on with the whole school community (workshops, collaboration days)
  2. School values are represented throughout the schoolhouse, in classrooms, on the website as well as visible in activities
  3. Students an teachers learn more about the history of MHG, its traditions and values (planning units and handling the topics in all grades as well as during collaboration days)

2. The implementation of the curriculum is supported by the leadership and management structures of the school.

  1. Teachers base their teaching practice on the school philosophy (building up the lessons and self-reflection)
  2. The members of the student council participate actively in the leadership processes (finding and including leaders, organizing elections, holding meetings)
  3. Implementing the sustainable development goals through the project “Sustainable Tartu” in collaboration with the 8th grades of MHG, Mart Reiniku School and Forseliuse School

3. Teaching and learning are based on the school’s philosophy and support the personal development of each student.

  1. Upgrading the curriculum of the international classes and the Pre-IB
  2. Renewing the curriculum of the secondary school, creating a visual introduction
  3. Action and Service for grades 5–9
  4. Reviewing and upgrading the Language Policy of MHG
2019 Miina Härma Gümnaasium