Goals for the School Year

In fostering the growth of the new generation, we move forwards based on insightful experiences and keep the school philosophy in mind. In August 2020, we analyzed the past school year with the Senior Management Team of MHG and the Extended Management team to plan the next school year based on the evidence gathered and the goals set for the development plan. The Parent Advisory Board and the Teachers’ Council can also suggest the goals.

1. School philosophy is the basis for learning and teaching.

1.1 Reflecting the vision and values in the school environment, completing the house guide.

1.2 Valuing and giving visibility to work for the community.

2. The school’s governance, administrative structures and use of resources ensure the implementation of the curriculum.

2.1 Supporting teacher collaboration (collaboration times, room solutions, etc.).

2.2 Launching school work and running classes at the Näituse 13a.

2.3 International IB evaluation visit.

2.4 Putting together the internal evaluation 2020-2023 report.

2.5 Preparation of the Strategic Plan 2024-2027.

3. Teaching and learning are guided by the school’s philosophy and support each student’s personal development.

3.1 Supporting student development: targeting and mentoring; talent identification and support policy; a relaunch of KiVa programme.

3.2 Curriculum development activities: drafting the syllabuses of the Estonian upper secondary school curriculum; launching a system of modules; developing approaches to learning (including digital competencies); preparing for the transition of the physical education curriculum.

2019 Miina Härma Gümnaasium