Goals for the School Year

In fostering the growth of the new generation, we move forwards based on the insightful experiences and keeping the school philosophy in mind. In August 2020, we analyzed the past school year with the Senior Management Team of MHG and the Extended Management team to plan the next school year based on the evidence gathered and the goals set for the development plan. The Parent Advisory Board and the Teachers’ Council can also make suggestions for the goals.

The goals for the school year 2021/2022

1. All learning and teaching is based on the school philosophy

  1. Implementing the school values in everyday setting: implementing and monitoring the curriculum of values; reflecting school philosophy in a physical environment; complementing MHG website
  2. Celebrating the anniversary year of MHG 115: Graduate Students’ Conference, procession, concert-ceremony, celebration night, exhibitions

2. School management and administrative structures and the use of resources provide for the implementation of the curriculum

  1. Supporting teachers’ collaboration: renewing the management structure; two collaboration days a month; more effective feedback work
  2. Supporting the homeroom teachers: team-building workshops and a field trip; renewing student-teacher conferences; launching the menrot programme for new students.
  3. Upgrading the mentoring system: supporting new teachers; supervising teacher trainees.
  4. Modernizing the school environment: facade of the school house; changing rooms and restrooms; music lab; technologt classroom; applying for outbilding.

3. Teaching and learning are based on the school’s philosophy and support the personal development of each student.

  1. Curriculum development: updating the general section of the curriculum, field of study and optional courses; development of ATLs through all IB programmes; preparations for the IB evaluation visit.
  2. Connecting the extra curricular activities with studies: nature and chess clubs, roboti, choirs, folk dance, language learning, art and drama clubs.
  3. Working for the community (CAS, Action and Service): updating the principles, changing the form of recognition.
  4. Increased role of the Student Council: public representation, appreciation of activities, inclusion in to management, workshops.
  5. Movement Inviting School activities: construction of the activity track; active (outdoor) recess; observation of outdoor recess in grades 1; sports week; spring hike etc.
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