Learner Profile

We believe that a student will learn the best when the learning experience is based on real-life context and is connected to the personal experiences of the students. As teachers, we have a great influence on the learning process offering engaging learning activities that are linked to the global context. Being aware of the global context enables the student to create meaningful links between the concepts and the knowledge obtained in the lessons. It is also a driving force for developing the Learner Profile attributes.

The Learner Profile (International Baccalaureate®) attributes consist of ten descriptors that are actively in use among our students as well as teachers to lead and motivate the learning process. We thrive to become:

INQUIRER – Is able to learn independently as well as in collaboration in order to find innovative solutions.

KNOWLEDGEABLE – Wishes to find out new things and make connections. Is interested in the world around us and acts with dedication.

THINKER – Thinks critically to analyze information. Finds creative solutions for problems.

COMMUNICATOR – Cooperates and listens carefully to others’ ideas. Expresses oneself clearly and accepts different opinions.

PRINCIPLED – Is honest and respectful. Takes responsibility of one’s actions and its consequences.

OPEN-MINDED – Values the culture, traditions and history of their own country as well as other nationalities.

CARING – Shows empathy and notices the one in need.

CORAGEOUS – Is confident to make decisions and act thoughtfully to achieve a goal.

BALANCED – Takes care of one’s mental, physical and emotional health.

REFLECTIVE – Analyzes one’s strengths and weaknesses to set new goals and more towards them.

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