MHG 115

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Tamme Relay Run

Dear graduate student! Come and be a part of the traditional Tamme Relay Run. Contact us when you wish to be included:

Graduate Students’ Confernce “Inspiratsioon: Xdream”

On Oct 1 at 10.00.00–15.00

we are celebrating the school’s 115th birthday with a graduate students’ conference “Inspiration: Xdream”. The keynote speakers are Kunnar Karu, Urvo Männama, Kati Vald, Kärt Tomberg, Asko Künnap, Kairi Lentsius, Joel Kukemelk ja Vivian Unt. The moderator is Kristjan Maruste. The graduate students are sharing their activities, turnaround events and fulfilment of dreams.

You can follow the conference in Zoom:
Meeting ID: 956 8575 2718
Passcode: 192184

Ring Ceremony for grades 10

On the school’s birthday, Oct 14th there will be a ceremony for handing out rings to the students of 10th grade.

As a tradition, the secondary school students are reading the pledge to the ring and a graduate student is reciting Hamlet’s soliloquy.

See the live broadcast:

Meeting ID: 983 5108 2847
Passcode: 663899


We are celebrating the school’s 115th anniversary on Oct 14 with a festive procession. It starts from the schoolhouse at 13.00 and will move over the Dome Hill to Tartu University where we invite all graduate students to join us. After that, we will bring our good wishes to the founders of our school, Jaan Tõnisson and Peeret Põld. It is also possible to join the procession from the Town Hall Square from where we are heading to eat The kringle and to dance.

Live event on Facebook.

Concert-ceremony at Vanemuine

The events of MHG 115 celebrations are culminating with a festive concert-ceremony held at Vanemuise Concert Hall on Oct 16 at 14.00.

You will see our school choirs and graduate students performing during the event. The tickets are available through Piletimaailn from Sept 25.

The entrance is granted with a ticket for 15€. There is also the possibility to buy a supporter’s ticket with the price of 50€ or a super supporter’s ticket with the price of 100€ and to support the organization of all the celebration events of MHG 115 (open house night, procession, exhibition in Poe street).

Open House Night at MHG

17.00 opening the doors to the school

18.00–19.00 lessons of legendary teachers, register HERE

19.00 principals’ welcome in Aula

19.30 virtual auction, hosted by Sander Loite

20.30 DJ Ruff and others

Exhibition 115/60/10

On Oct 25th, we are opening an exhibition in Poe Street to celebrate three important events in the school’s as well as Estonia’s history: 115 years from the beginning of Estonian secondary education, 60 years from the beginning of the intensive English teaching, and 10 years from the first accreditation of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The carrying visual element is our school’s symbol “kaheksakand” (octagon symbol) which is both a national symbol as well as an equivalent of the Northerns Star pointing to all of the cardinal directions and leading the way.

The exhibition will be open until Nov 29.

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