Schools in Motion

In Estonian: Liikuma Kutsuv Kool (LKK)

Miina Härma Gümnaasium joined the project in the spring of 2020.

The aim of the project is to increase children’s physical activity in Estonian schools. The project is run by the Physical Activity Laboratory of the Institute of Sport Science and Physiotherapy, the Institute of Social Sciences and the non-profit association HARED Training and Counselling Centre.

The MHG team includes Tiia Lepik, Eda Lemberg, Liis Somelar, Jannar Tähepõld, Tairo Talvis, Age Raimets, Tähti-Merike Kilk, Saime Aule, Marje Peedisson, Egle-Diana Keldt, Karin Kannerma, parents Mari-Liis Viirsalu and Janeli Virnas, students Margaret Matto, Liis Väljamäe, Anelle Elisabeth Birken, Getter Vodi, Gregor M. Pedak.

Activities planned for 2021-2022:

  • Training teachers to deliver active lessons
  • Outdoor PE classes throughout the school year for all students
  • Skating lessons for the whole school
  • MHG 115th birthday parade of the whole school family in Tartu city centre
  • Car-free school week twice a year
  • Completion of the activity track in the schoolyard
  • Upgrading of the mobility trails in the school building
  • Collaboration with our partner school (Elva Gümnaasium)
  • Piloting an outdoor lesson in grades 1 in the second half of the year
  • “1000 hours outdoors” event for primary classes twice a year
  • Spring outdoor learning day for the whole school family (hike, etc.)

Activities planned for 2022-2023:

Movement Education (a reviewed concept for Physical Education in Estonia)

Objective: develop the habit of movement and exercise in students.

  • Grade 5 students keep a physical activity journal.
  • One physical activity outdoors lesson throughout the year in all classes with 3 hours per week (4th grade, 5th grade, 12th grade one period).
  • “1000 hours outdoors” for primary classes (Egle-Diana Keldt).
  • 23-30.09 Photo Contest “Inspiring Autumn” in primary classes. Photographing autumn outdoors with parents.
  • 26-30.09 Sports week

Active lessons

Objective: students lead the activity breaks in the lessons.

  • Training students. We train 3 students from each of the 3-6th grades.
  • In the students’ feedback on the lesson, there is a statement about movement.
  • 31 October – 4 November Outdoor Education Week. Invitation to make posters, slogans, etc., in different lessons, to make a calendar of movement. Share ideas with teachers in advance.

Active recess

Objective: students have the possibility to be active and move during recess.

  • Piloting and getting feedback on students’ movement lessons at the Näituse 13 building.
  • Weekly dance classes.
  • Outdoor play equipment boxes in classrooms.
  • Hopscotch boxes and stickers in the school building
  • Active use of the activity track

Outdoor lessons and movement days

  • Various field trips
  • Ongoing skating lessons
  • 29.09 – the 41st Tamme Relay Run
  • Spring sports day

Collaboration network

  • 7.10 Defence League military hike for teachers


  • We promote the benefits of physical activity in the school’s weekly newsletter and share good ideas for what students, teachers and parents can do to lead healthier lives (the ‘Schools in Motion section’) see

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