School Rules

MHG students are expected to follow the school rules at all times when on the school grounds, representing the school, attending a school activity or when clearly associated with the school i.e. when wearing school uniform items.


MHG students are expected to attend all classes and school regularly. In case of absence, parents must inform the homeroom teacher of the absence stating the reason on the first day of absence. MHG students are expected to complete all learning assignments even when absent (follow Stuudium). Being late to class for 10 minutes or more without a reason is considered an unexcused absence.


MHG students are expected to be on time for school and classes. Students are discouraged from coming to school earlier than 30 minutes before their first class begins because of lack of adult supervision. MHG students are expected to leave the premises as soon as possible after school duties/responsibilities are completed.


MHG students are expected to be prepared for and to participate in each class to meet performance standards, to have the necessary class materials, to complete classwork and homework accurately and on time.

Mobile phones must be set to silent mode and secured away. MHG students can use them to contact a parent and/or in class as learning devices, with the express permission of the teacher. Such permission must be sought and received before their use. If a student uses an electronic device inappropriately, he/she will be sanctioned accordingly.


MHG students are expected to be honest, behave with dignity and treat others with respect. Behaviour of the individual should not interfere with the rights of others. This includes the use of appropriate language, actions and attire. Disagreements at school will be settled by discussing the problem and seeking a solution that is fair to all concerned.


MHG students must comply with all school rules. Students are expected to respond in a respectful manner and comply with all reasonable requests from school staff members. MHG students are expected to remain within school boundaries at all times. Students leaving MHG must have consent from the homeroom teacher and/or any other corresponding teacher or medical staff.


MHG students are expected to treat all property belonging to the school and to others with care. Students are expected to respect the property rights of others.


MHG students are expected to contribute to a safe school environment free from fear. Acts of physical and mental violence are never acceptable.

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