Miina Härma Gümnaasium is a municipal school that operates under the Ministry of Education and Research and follows the documents and acts listed below:

  • Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act
  • National curricula for basic schools
  • National curricula for upper secondary schools
  • School vision and action plan
  • IBO philosophy and regulations (including IB Learner Profile, IB Programme Standards, and Practices, Handbook of Procedures, General Regulations and Rules for IB Schools)

The national curriculum for basic schools establishes the national standard for basic education. The learning outcomes achieved by graduating from basic school are in concordance with the general requirements described in the 2nd level of the Estonian qualification framework. The national curriculum for upper secondary schools establishes the national standard for general upper secondary education and is applied in all upper secondary schools in the Republic of Estonia regardless of the school’s legal status unless set forth otherwise in legislation. Read more about the Estonian education system HERE.

The national curriculum of Estonia is available on the website of the Ministry of Education and Research.

In addition to the national curricula of Estonia, Miina Härma Gümnaasium also follows the philosohy and the curriculum of the IB Programmes.

  • Primary Years Programme in grades 1-4.
  • Middle Years Programme in grades 5-9.
  • Diploma Programme in grades 11 and 12.
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