Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities at MHG take place in Estonian, but all international students are welcome to join upon the availability of places.

Name of ActivityTimeAgePlace
Art ClubThu 10.30 – 11.30grade 2Children’s Art School
Art Club Wed 11.30 – 12.30grade 1 Children’s Art School
Debate ClubTue 15.50 – 17.30grades 8-12MHG class104
Cyclist trainingbegins on 24.01.2021grade3MHG
Grade 2 ChoirFri 12.10–12.55grade 2MHG Aula
Children’s ChoirWed, Thu 13.05–13.50grades 3-4MHG Aula
Children’s ChoirMon, Wed 14.00–14.45grades 5-7MHG Aula, class 102
Boys’ ChoirMon, Wed 14.00–14.45grades 3-9MHG Aula, class 102
Young Ladies’ ChoirMon, Wed 14.00–14.45grades 8-12MHG Aula
Mixed ChoirMon, Wed 15.50–16.45grades 10-12MHG Aula
Folk dance group Härmatis 3-4Thu14.00–14.45,
Fri 13.05–13.50
grades 3-4MHG Aula
Folk dance group Härmatis 5-6Tue 14.55–15.40
Fri 14.00–14.45
grades 5-6MHG Aula
Folk dance group Härmatis 7-8Mon14.55–15.40
Fri 14.55–15.40
grades 7-8MHG Aula
Folk dance group Härmatis 9Mon 15.50–16.35
Thu 14.55–15.40
grade 9MHG Aula
Folk dance group Härmatis C1Mon 16.45 – 18.00
Thu 15.50–17.30
grades 10-11MHG Sports Hall
Folk dance group Härmatis C2Tue, Thu 15.50–17.30grades 11-12MHG Sports Hall
Spanish as extra curriculargrades 6-7
German as extracurriculargrades 6-9
French as extra curricular
grades 6-9

To find extra-curricular activities in Tartu city, visit the Hobby Education website.

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